Friday, 19 February 2016

Newfoundland Waterfalls

Who doesn't like waterfalls? We are pretty thorough when we plan our trips. We did not know most of these waterfalls existed until we got to the area.

You get a nice view of Barachois Falls driving into Rose Blanche. There is a parking area and a great boardwalk trail that takes you to within about a quarter of a mile of the foot of the falls.

We got good advise before we went to the Port-au-Port Peninsula. Drive around the peninsula clockwise. I would also recommend that you take more than a day to visit the peninsula. Sheaves Cove is one of your first stops. Visit our page for details on how to find the Hidden Falls. You have a nice view from the parking area. There is an easy trail that takes you near the foot of the falls. There is a second small waterfall that flows directly into Bay St. George.

If you are eastbound on the TCH, Steady Brook is the next town past Corner Brook. A lot of people stop here, because there is a Tim's right on the highway. The falls is not far from the Tim's. There's an uphill hike and some stairs to get to the viewing platform. There are zip lines running back and forth across the gorge. You can watch as people zip line far above the falls.

When you visit Corner Brook and The Bay of Islands, everybody will tell you to drive the south shore of Humber Arm all the way out to Lark Harbour and Little Port. That is easily one of the most spectacular drives in Newfoundland. We would also recommend that you drive along the north shore to Cox's Cove as well. Stop at Lynn's Takeout for fish 'n chips and ask how to get to the falls. When we were there, the road into the falls was pretty rough. We drove part way in and than left the car and walked down the hill to the falls.

Pissing Mare Falls is not easy to get to. Walk 3 km trail to Western Brook Pond and than take the boat tour 16 km to the far end of the fjord. You'll pass several other waterfalls on the way. The best time for waterfalls is June, because that's when the snow is melting.

With a 140m drop, Rattling Brook Falls is one of the tallest on the island. It's difficult to get a good photo of it. Take the trail and then climb a lot of steps. You also get a beautiful view of Green Bay.

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