Monday, 17 August 2015

Where to Buy Cookies in Kippens

We spent 8 nights in Kippens, Newfoundland exploring the Port au Port Peninsula and the Stephenville area. We stayed at the Zenzville RV Park.

Zenzville RV Park

Kippens is a bedroom community for Stephenville. You drive through Kippens to get to the Port au Port Peninsula. There is not a lot to see or do in Kippens. It's in a pretty spot on St. George's Bay. Here's a photo, coming out of the driveway from the campground:

There are some unusual white cliffs that you see coming into Kippens from the west (from Port au Port, driving towards Stephenville). I did not take a photo, but here's what it looks like on Google Street View.

They look like the hoodoos that you see near Banff. I have not been able to find any brochures or websites explaining what they are. If you know, please drop in a comment.

Jennifer's Sweet Occasions

Click here for the mapped location of The Cake & Pastry Shop.

They were very busy when we were there getting ready for weddings and other functions. They have great cookies. It's a great place to get some road food for your Port au Port scenic drive.

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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Places to Stay, Cape Onion, Newfoundland

Fog Bank, Cape Onion, NL
Fog bank rolling in, Cape Onion, NL
One of our favorite places we've stayed in Newfoundland is at the Tickle Inn at Cape Onion, NL. The inn is a heritage building and the oldest home in the northern peninsula. The photo above is a view right in front of the inn.

The nearby towns of Ship Cove, NL and Raleigh, NL have very limited services. The Tickle Inn is a bed & breakfast, that also has an option of an evening meal. This was nice for two reasons; Sophie is a great cook and it saves you from a long drive in the evening getting to a restaurant and back.

They'll even sell you a bottle of wine to enjoy with your dinner. We had an amazing afternoon with a glass of wine on the front lawn just enjoying the view.

Update to this blog: We have learned that the owner's of the Tickle Inn have retired and are no longer taking guests. You can still visit their website, they have published a cookbook.

View of Tickle Inn at Cape Onion, from Treena's Trail
View of Tickle Inn from Treen'a Trail

For hikers, you can start on Treena's Trail right in front of the inn. Going west from the inn you climb up a large hill. It's an easy trail with stairs installed. From the hill looking east you can see the Tickle Inn and also the large bay that separates Cape Onion from L'Anse aux Meadows. Looking to the west, on a clear day, you can see the Labrador coast.

Tickle Inn is an ideal location to stay for visiting L'Anse aux Meadows, St. Anthony and Burnt Cape.

Moose Calf, Cape Onion, NL
Moose calf in yard at Tickle Inn
We saw more moose on the road to Cape Onion, then anywhere else in the province. On our trip to the Northern Peninsula, we counted 35 moose and 1 traffic light.

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